Xmas Toys (click on the arrow to the left to see the egg fall)

opening  Now Owen, this is where eggs come from. : Lena & Steve, Owen, Jim, Xmas 2014 hen  You start with a chicken : Xmas 2014 surprised  And eggs appear : Xmas 2014 laughing  To be clear, these are brown eggs..... : Xmas 2014
smiling  ....not little Obamas : Xmas 2014 content : Xmas 2014 basket  And you need a basket to collect them in : Xmas 2014 falling
wrestlers  Many people are fans of Luchador Wrestling mask  And some just like the masks : Lena & Steve, Owen small wrestler  So we figured Owen needed one of his own.. : Xmas 2014 large wrestler  And there was only one mask we could use : Xmas 2014
in the ring  Ow!  No biting! : Owen, Xmas 2014